Ten (10) Simple Tips You Must Know To Make Your Relationship Last Longer

10 Tips on how to keep your relationship strong, beautiful and healthy Maintaining a good relationship over time can be difficult. The initial stage of a relationship, where you fall in love with a person is always easy.

The difficult job is to keep the relationship strong and beautiful for a long time. Time can be a monster when it comes to love life. Time is capable of squeezing the love out of a relationship and leaving you with bitterness and regrets.

When you live with someone for too long, you realize that they aren’t as perfect, as they used to seem when you first met, and that they have flaws too; the thing is how you deal with it… Nobody is perfect, accepting someone for who they really are and sometimes adjusting yourself and compromising to make your love work is important to make a relationship last. This is one of the most basic relationship tips. So many relationships end in breakup these days because nobody tries hard enough to make it work. People have a tendency to bolt, as soon as a small thing goes wrong. That is the problem with relationship these days.

Following are 10 tips on how to keep your relationship strong, beautiful and healthy:

1. Communication: If you are facing challenges and issues in your relationship, then give them voice and communicate them to your partner. Discuss how to improve the situation and together chalk out a plan to make it work. Moreover, communication is important in terms of understanding too. Talk about your day; tell your partner your highlights of the day, etc. When your beloved speaks listen intently and respond back. Being a good listener is an essential part of maintaining healthy communication in a relationship.

2. Trust: Trust is the most essential element to maintain a healthy and good relationship. Trust the love of your life, don’t always question his/her motives or actions. Don’t doubt them or suspect them of something bad, especially if you are being paranoid and don’t have any basis for such behavior. Believing your partner is the key to trust in a relationship.

3. Honesty: Being honest about your feelings is important to make a relationship last in a long run. Shoving your feelings under the carpet, because you don’t want to get into a fight right now will entrap those feelings and make them grow into something even more heavy and ugly. So when those feelings will finally come, the outburst will be terrifying and there will be no going back. Honesty and openness will help you to reduce the negativity in your relationship.

4. Acceptance: We all have flaws and we all have quirks. Learn to accept these things in your partner. Nothing is more dangerous in a relationship, then one person trying to change the other one. Accept your partner along with his/her issues and opinions. No two people can be exactly alike; you are bound to have difference in opinion about something. Don’t make it be the breaking factor of your relationship.

5. Step Back: If you get into a big fight, which has turned into a really heavy one, then, instead of thrashing your partner, step back for a few minutes, take a deep breath and let the anger cool down. Talk only when you are totally calm and sure that you won’t say anything extremely hurtful or insulting. Protect your relationship. Treasure your love. Care for your partner’s feelings.

6. Compromise: When you are in a relationship with someone you should understand that you cannot always have your way. Make sure that you learn to compromise, in case such a situation arises.

7. Creativity: Think of creative ways to keep your love alive. Do something special for your love, plan a romantic evening or vacation or buy a surprise gift that would blow your partner’s mind. Keeping the love alive in a relationship will make it last, no matter what. You can face the most difficult challenges in life, if you have the love and support of your partner.

8. Give in: For those fights which don’t really have a solution, it’s better if you learn to give in and let go of the whole thing.

9. Together Time: Spend as much time as you can with your partner. Especially, when you are free, try to spend beautiful and quality time with your beloved. Use this time for recreational activities, fun or entertainment. Go out, meet friends, cook together or watch a movie. You can do whatever you and your partner like to make the most of this time. It will definitely help make your relationship stronger.

10. Humor: Being humorous can help you keep the happiness in your relationship. When things are getting heated, humor can help you to make your beloved smile and forget the whole thing. Humor can allow you to maintain easy communication and a light atmosphere between you and your partner.

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